CM Trading Broker Review

Many locals ask if CM Trading opens trading accounts for Kenyan residents. Yes, CM Trading allows trading accounts for Kenyan residents.

With its Live Seminars and other Marketing activities, they are one of the brokers expanding faster in Kenya. Our review of them in this article will reveal its advantages and disadvantages, and we will answer the question to the end: Is CM Trading worth it?

This broker is a global online trading platform that offers multi-asset trading. Founded in 2011, they currently operate in 15 countries

The company offers both Forex trading and social trading now, more than a decade later.

You can find our comprehensive review on CM Trading. Broker reviews are updated regularly!


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Trading with CM Trading is a worldwide endeavour. The broker has its headquarters in Seychelles. Finding a financial broker who meets your needs can be difficult when trading on the financial markets. Our CM Trading review will evaluate the platform’s effectiveness for global traders in 2021 as an international platform for multiple financial assets trading.

Sometimes, you must browse and read the websites of many different brokers, each with its tone and vocabulary. They are one online broker that can be challenging to choose. In addition, beginners may encounter difficulties understanding confusing investment terminology, complicated mobile or online platforms, and confusing fees. Find out about CM Trading’s pros and cons in our review.

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Is CM Trading regulated in Kenya?

The FSB regulates CM Trading. Blackstone Marketing SA (PTY) LTD is the company registered on FSCA’s website. This company is represented by CM Trading (or Global Capital Markets Trading – GCMT). If you choose a broker like them, it is crucial that the broker has a reputable administrative body and is regulated. It is up to brokers, who perform trades without a regulator’s supervision, how they conduct their business. You are at risk if you invest.

With a head office in Seychelles, they were established in 2011 and has been in operation for 10 years.

The company is regulated. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) does supervise and monitor CM Trading for in-house compliance.

Regulations prohibit brokers from manipulating market prices. CM will honour your withdrawal request when you submit it. The broker could lose their government-regulated status if they violate any regulations. Hence, CM Trading is among the reputable brokers that are safe to trade with for Kenyan traders.

Pros / Cons
  • Multiple Award Winner
  • Islamic Accounts
  • Fund Using M-Pesa
  • Broker Verified
  • No CMA Regulation
  • No MetaTrader 5
  • Low Leverage


A segregated bank account is used to store funds from traders to CM Trading accounts.

A tier-1 bank is used as an added layer of security by CM Trading. The tier one rating refers to the financial strength and stability of a bank.

Thus, they can be trusted as being secure and reliable.

Nevertheless, in trading financial assets, you can lose funds. For example, putting in too little effort, lacking experience, or failing to use the tools available through a brokerage platform can cause an account to lose money.

When trading in financial investments, trading forex or social trading can lead to losing money rapidly. Therefore, you should only trade if you are clear that your invested capital could be at risk at any time owing to market volatility. Furthermore, their platform states that losses could exceed deposits.

We have now addressed some important questions regarding their brokerage. In the following sections, we will discuss the features of CM Trading.

Tradeable products in CM Trading

There are a variety of trading instruments available from CM Trading Brand entities due to regulatory requirements. In addition, clients may be provided with different trading instruments based on their country of residence.

A wide range of instruments is available for trading with CM Trading, more than 100 to be exact. When it comes to trading currency pairs on the global Forex market, CM Trading has over 30 currency pairs on offer.

CM Trading account types

When you are using CM Trading, you should create two accounts. For example, you can have a demo account and a real account to use your real money. Demo accounts are used for testing purposes only.

Live accounts

You can open three types of live accounts with CM Trading:

Bronze account

It consists of $250 – $999 deposits, regular spreads, ebooks, and analysis of the markets

Silver account

You can deposit as little as $1,000 up to $9,999, get spreads as low as 1.2 pips, and receive a trade assistant.

Gold account

With it, you can deposit $10,000 to $99,999, get trade assistance, advanced support, and spreads starting at 0.9 pips.

Premium account

You can deposit $100,000+, trade on an ECN account, receive volume cashback, and connect with a trading room to further analyse your trading.

You will have more trading options and tighter spreads as you deposit more.

It should be noted that CM Trading is not a market maker.

Set up your live trading account with M-Pesa

There are several benefits of making deposits with M-Pesa

  • Using M-Pesa, you can deposit and withdraw funds quickly.
  • Commission-free deposits and withdrawals are available.
  • User-friendly and fully functional.
  • Swahili and English versions are available.

There are a variety of goods and services available through M-Pesa, Kenya’s most popular e-Wallet. Payments are easy, and approvals are quick with M-Pesa. A deposit is visible within an hour on your trading account.

M-Pesa: How to pay with mobile money

Follow these simple steps to fund your money at CM Trading

  • To use M-Pesa, you must have a valid account. Enter the amount you want to pay and choose the network you want to pay (e.g., Safaricom).
  • Your unique PIN will be notified to you by push notification. In addition to the deposit amount, you will also see the account number and further details about your transaction.
  • An SMS confirmation including a confirmation code will be sent to you. You must click Confirm Payment to complete the transaction after entering the code on M-Pesa.
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation of successful payments and transactions.

How to deposit funds with C2B (M-Pesa)

The following steps will help you to deposit your money in CM Trading using C2B.

  • Choose M-Pesa from the provider menu, then select “PayBill” and “Lipa na MPesa.”.
  • An online payment form will appear, displaying the destination account and payment details.
  • Fill out the payment form and enter your Paybill and Account numbers.
  • Make sure you enter the unique M-Pesa pin you received when signing up for the payment service.
  • A confirmation SMS will include the confirmation code.
  • Following payment completion, you can close the payment form or be redirected to the home page.

Other payment methods

  • You can use Visa or MasterCard to deposit with a credit or debit card.
  • Deposits can also be made with electronic wallets through CM Trading.
  • You should use a payment method under your name to fund your trading account.

They ask traders to provide proof of payment if you fund your account by wire transfer.

If you use a credit/debit card to fund your account, provide two copies of this card.

Your name, first and last four digits, and expiration date should be written on the front.

The CVV code should be hidden on the back, and the card must be signed.

Your bank will need to sign and stamp an official letter stating that the card belongs to you if your card does not show your name.

As an alternative, if you can see the owner’s name and last four digits of the card, you can send CM Trading a copy of the credit card statement.

CM Trading minimum deposit

You can open an account with CM Trading by depositing $250, which is about 27700 Kenyan Shilling. First-time traders, however, may need to deposit a different amount depending on which account type they choose.

In addition, the deposits need to be activated after 72 hours after opening an account. The Kenyan traders should also deposit the initial funds in USD as the broker does not offer deposits in KES.

Deposit payment methods

Following are the deposit methods traders can use to fund their CM Trading accounts:

  • The most popular are Neteller, FasaPay and M-Pesa.
  • Wire transfers from the bank
  • Credit and debit cards

The residents of Kenya prefer M-Pesa to deposit their funds.

CM Trading fees

  • Withdrawals are free.
  • They do not charge fees for inactive accounts.
  • There are no deposit fees.

CM Trading withdrawal fees

Withdrawals from CM Trading are free.

The withdrawal governs withdrawals from your trading accounts rules specific to each broker.

Each brokerage firm will likely offer different withdrawal methods, and each payment provider may charge different transfer fees, process payment times, and charge a potential currency conversion fee. Therefore, your conversion fee is dependent on your payment provider, your base currency, and your receiving currency.

You may withdraw funds from CM Trading using a credit card, bank transfer, Neteller, FasaPay, CashU, or Debit card and M-Pesa.

CM Trading bonus

CM Trading bonuses can be obtained with standard real accounts in just three simple steps.

  • Sign up for CM Trading
  • If you are a serious trader, you should place at least 250 EUR/USD.
  • You will receive your bonus from CM Trading.

What to do if you want to withdraw your bonus?

With CM trade company’s bonus promotion, you can withdraw bonus cash after meeting the requirements. If you want to withdraw the bonus, you need to trade at least 00.2 lots for every $1 of the bonus.

The minimum amount you need to trade to withdraw a %100 bonus is 20 lots. If you generate a part of the required trading volume, your ability to withdraw a partial award is not guaranteed. If you request a withdrawal before the trading volume requirement has been met, the bonus amount will be deducted from your account in full.

Terms and conditions

  • Whenever you trade on a bonus account, your bankroll will be used initially for trading.
  • A trader can receive the bonus only once.

Normal bonus and award policy CMT

In response to requests from customers, CMT offers a variety of attractive rewards. Customers are presented with bonuses and financial rewards as part of the company promotional program. Following are the terms to be followed in regards to customer accounts.

  • The company offers awards to customers who meet its appropriateness regulations.
  • Acceptance of the award triggers the placement of trades in the account.
  • Before receiving an award, your deposit to your account will be used.

In the scenario where you deposit $250 into your account and get a bonus of $50 in the existing account, the deposit funds are used first when you make trades. So, if you lose $250, your withdrawal will not be granted unless you meet the trading requirements above.

Bonus for referrals

There may be some confusion about referring friends and family to CM Trading to receive a referral bonus. A referral is usually needed for a user to create a real account and use the referral link.

Based on the agreements, the referred party and the trader can both benefit from the offer. These are the basic steps traders must follow to participate in these promotions.

For a referral bonus, there are usually certain criteria that must be met. For example, a deposit is required to open a real account, according to the type of account. Bonuses are not offered to traders who have a demo account or register to trade with a demo account since it’s meant for traders with a real account.

Trading Platforms

Traders can be executed through the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform or the Sirix web trader interface.


A free download of the MT4 platform can be obtained from the broker’s website. The platform’s powerful features are accessible once you’ve received your login credential and created an account.

With this fully customisable platform, you can execute orders with one click, set limit orders, utilise dozens of technical indicators, monitor multiple charts, and perform live analytics.

Automated trading is also possible with MT4. Self-help tools are available to assist you in creating your bots. Since MT4 brings all of these features together in one platform, it is the preferred forex trading platform.


MT4 has several major benefits, but Sirix Web Trader is simply easier to use. Therefore, we recommend it for those looking for an easier way to access trading.

Besides standard drawing and risk management tools, users also have access to real-time trading tips, detailed market forecasts, and graphic representations. Thus, a user-friendly platform like Sirix is ideally suited to new traders looking for standard features.

Mobile Apps

CMTrader MT4 provides mobile trading capabilities. Users can download it on iPhones, Android, and Windows phones. App users can execute orders with one click, get real-time quotes, receive alerts, and receive news notifications directly from the desktop.

You can access all desktop indicators and charting tools from your mobile platform. Mobile app reviewers praise the app’s features and ease of use, and range of functions.


There are 50 different Forex pairs available on CM Trading, including majors, minors, and exotics. Additionally, CFD’s can be traded on more than 20 stock indices, such as the FTSE and Nasdaq, and shares of major companies, including Apple. Aside from precious metals and energies, traders have access to a handful of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

Spreads and Commissions

With floating spreads, CM Trading makes some of its money. For example, the spread is 1.5 pip on major forex pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD, and 2.6 pip on similar forex pairs like USD/CAD.

There are higher spreads at some other brokers, but these are not quite as tight. Despite this, CM Trading does not charge any additional commissions.

It’s also important to recognise that unused accounts after three months are charged a $15 monthly inactivity fee from Kenyan residents. There is also a $5 overnight rollover fee for positions held overnight that you have to pay.

Average Standard Account Spreads on Majors

  • EUR/USD: 1.6
  • GBP/USD: 2.1
  • USD/JPY: 2
  • AUD/USD: 2.1


The leverage at CM Trading is 1:200. Different instruments have different leverage levels. The leverage rate on cryptocurrency trading, for example, is 1:5. On live trading accounts, you can adjust the leverage level.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) guarantees the safety of client connections. MT4’s one-time password provides an additional layer of security. Other than that, most brokers follow standard security protocols.

Trading hours

Different markets have different opening and closing times for trading. Stocks, indices, and the Forex, for example, are primarily traded on the weekend. However, over the weekend, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are still traded in reasonable volumes. Check the website of CM Trading to learn about different trading times.

Customer support

You can use the following contact details to ask any queries at CM Trading.

  • Contact them via email at
  • Live chat can be accessed via the icon shown in the bottom right corner.
  • You will find the appropriate support number for your area on the “Contact Us” page.

The customer service staff at CM Trading is quite good. However, despite their extensive knowledge, we weren’t always satisfied with how helpful they were in answering questions, often directing us to unseen areas of their site to search for answers. Also, the company does not provide a Kenyan contact number for customer support.


CM Trading offers more educational resources than most competitors, which can be considered a slight improvement.

You may not access some educational materials based on the type of trader account you have. Trading features, educational resources, and investment privileges are available to traders who make larger deposits into the platform. Topics covered by the educational resources provided by the broker include:

  • Videos about online trading
  • Analyses of technical aspects
  • Analysis of Fundamentals
  • Online educational webinars for traders
  • An angelic guardian
  • Advisory services provided by experts
  • A Guide To Using Signals
  • Products education


Thinking of Trading with CM Trading?


Does CM Trading operate in Kenya?

Yes, CM Trading is a reputable broker of Kenya, but CMA in Kenya does not regulate it.

What is the reputation of CM Trading?

CM Trading is a trustworthy company. We only receive money into tier 1 bank accounts for all accounts funded. They do not hold your money directly but instead through a tier-one bank.

Your funds are not directly accessible to the broker, so he cannot misappropriate them. Aside from CM Trading’s regulatory status with the FSCA, CM Trading is also a member of The Blue Sky Network.

What is CM Trading’s minimum deposit in Kenya?

The Kenyan residents have to pay $250 minimum to start trading with CM Trading, almost 277000 KES.

How long do CM Trading withdrawals take?

Withdrawing money from CM Trading processing time varies but averages 2-5 days.

Does CM Trading have a license?

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority regulates CM Trading. As part of maintaining their regulatory status, they are periodically reviewed and audited by regulatory bodies. For more information, check out the websites of regulatory bodies.

Does CM Trading offer ECN services?

ECN trading is not available at CM Trading.

Is CM Trading offering a demo account?

Yes, you can use a demo account to test the CM Trading platforms and other technical indicators.

Is an Islamic account available at CM Trading?

Yes, CM Trading offers an Islamic account for its Muslim clients.

How is CM Trading funded?

In the Members’ Area of the broker, you can find information about the funding options and methods available to CM Trading clients, depending on their country of residence. Visit the website to learn about your specific available payment methods.

Payment methods accepted by CM Trading are credit cards, bank transfers, Neteller, FasaPay, CashU, debit cards. In addition, the Kenyans usually use M-Pesa to fund their accounts which is also acceptable by this broker.

Bottom line

In Kenya, CM Trading is one of the leading Forex and CFD brokerage firms. Aside from providing MT4 platform downloads and Sirix WebTrader systems, the broker also offers daily forex signals and a robust education centre. In addition, their low minimum deposit and helpful trading aids make it a great choice for beginners and intermediate traders.

During certain hours, customer support may be less efficient. In addition, the platform providers require traders to follow certain bonus conditions before withdrawals can be approved. Therefore, the traders should be cautious when taking advantage of any bonuses.

All things considered, CM Trading seems likely to remain the most trusted forex broker among Kenyan traders shortly as we anticipate the advancements and implementations it will incorporate in the coming months.


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Many locals ask if CMTrading opens trading accounts for Kenyan residents. Yes, CMTrading allows trading accounts for Kenyan residents.Fspreaa

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