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With Blackstone futures, you’ll pay low fees and trade under good conditions. So is this broker a good choice for Kenyan traders? Read on to find out!

It is a South African Forex broker regulated by the Financial Services Commissioner for Africa (FSCA) in Rosebank Johannesburg. Even though they are local brokers, they have a strong presence in nearby countries, including Swaziland, Lesotho, and Namibia.

Since 2009, the firm has established itself as a leader in the real estate business. As a straight-through processing broker, the company offers no conflict of interest. Experience tight spreads on all account currencies, including ZAR, USD, and GBP. This non-dealing desk aims to help clients extend the longevity of their accounts by educating them.

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The broker can serve as a great resource for beginners. Utilise MetaTrader 4 and CloudTrade, a desktop and mobile proprietary trading platform designed for use on your desktop and mobile devices. Read our full broker review for Kenyan traders below.

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Is Blackstone Futures regulated in Kenya?

South Africa’s Blackstone Futures (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of Trade Nation Financial (Pty) Ltd. In addition to Australia, the FCA has jurisdiction in the United Kingdom and the Bahamas, and the Bahamas have its regulatory agency.

From the outset of their invention, they were regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Australia. The FSCA provided the company license, i.e., 49846.

Through affiliations with ASIC, SCB, and FCA, FSCA is regulated by the FSCA and operates safely and transparently. Moreover, it offers traders the benefit of visiting their office in Rosebank Johannesburg since they are local brokers.

The platform is safe and secure, with strict regulatory oversight—the broker of choice for Kenyan enthusiasts looking for a regulated broker with over ten years of experience.

Pros / Cons
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • 24/5 Customer Support
  • Tight Spreads
  • Broker Verified
  • No MetaTrader 5
  • No M-Pesa Deposit Option
  • No CMA Regulation


Due to its South African location, the broker keeps all client funds in South African banks, and FSCA regulations mean that if it becomes bankrupt, clients’ funds can easily be retrieved. The company is also licensed to collect negative balances, and all client funds are separated from the company’s operating capital.

Due to Blackstone Futures’ STP trading, you will never find yourself with a conflict of interest in your trades.

The long history of Blackstone Futures’ responsible behaviour and its strict international and domestic regulation make it a trustworthy broker to trade with.

Tradable products

The variety of trading tools offered by Blackstone Futures is significantly reduced compared to other brokers; it does not provide technical analysis tools like Autochartist and Trading Central.

Market Sentiment and an Economic Calendar are both available from Blackstone

By knowing how many traders are buying and selling, you can determine what drives the currency price up to and down.

The Forex Market Sentiment Indicator lets you see what people think about specific currency pairs based on a sliding scale.

For Blackstone futures to assist clients with better trading decisions, it would be wise to add more trading tools.

Financial instruments

Blackstone Futures offers fewer financial assets than other brokers and doesn’t offer trading in cryptocurrencies anymore.

Among the financial instruments offered by Blackstone Future are forex, equities, indices, and commodities. Unfortunately, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are no longer available through Blackstone Futures.

FX Pairs

The number of currency pairs that Blackstone offers for trading is limited compared to industry norms. These include major exchange rates (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY) as well as minors (NZD/CAD, EUR/JPY, and USD/ZAR). In CloudTrade, leverage is limited to 1:100 for Forex pairs, but it is unlimited for CFDs.


CFDs on individual shares are limited at Blackstone, compared to those available at other large brokerages. Instead, you can choose from some of the major exchanges in the US, UK, Europe, and South Africa. In addition, there is a 1:20 leverage available on share CFDs.


In addition to over 600 stocks, Blackstone Futures provides share trading on its CloudTrade platform. However, no leverage is available for this asset because of its nature.


The broker offers 25 indices for trading, which is a small number compared to other brokers. Indicators with shares of some of the world’s largest and most well-known companies tend to be the most popular. Indices can have up to a 1:200 leverage. With CloudTrade, you have access to many more indices than with MT4. The minimum trade size on CloudTrade is 50c, and for MT4, it is 10c.


There are 11 commodities offered by Blackstone Futures, which is about average for the industry. Metals like gold, silver, and aluminum and energy like US crude and Brent futures make up this group. Gold and silver can be leveraged up to 1:200, but energies can be leveraged up to 1:50.

Account types

Trading forex accounts is a way for traders to trade financial instruments with specific brokers. Traders can be provided with various accounts, each catering to different skill levels, knowledge, and experience levels. In addition, they can be provided with one account that serves as a general account.

A broker can offer varying numbers of accounts as well as varying features. Due to this, traders should evaluate brokers and take advantage of demo accounts offered by brokers to learn about the broker’s offering. For example, two live account types are available from Blackstone Futures: the USD account and the ZAR account.

Traders’ minimum positions on both accounts are set at 0.01 lots and require an initial deposit of 1000 ZAR. Traders at Blackstone Futures benefit from Straight Through Processing (STP), meaning they can access an ECN-like spread. Blackstone does not charge any commissions, but it will charge a fee for overnight swaps. Traders can’t open a demo account or an Islamic Swap-free account at Blackstone.

How to open an account?

A trader can open a Blackstone Future account by clicking ‘Open Account’ on the broker’s page. A new page will open up containing an online application. By completing the required fields on the form, traders can proceed once the form has been filled out. At the email address that traders provide, they will receive a confirmation email.

By clicking the ‘Verify your email’ button, traders are redirected to the Blackstone Future website, where they can complete their registration. Traders must submit proof of their identification and address, as well as their economic profile, to complete their registration.

To ensure the security and safety of traders, brokers must comply with ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) procedures, which form part of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation.

What is its minimum deposit?

For real trading accounts, the broker requires either 1000 ZARs or $100 to open. This broker does not accept the Kenyan Shilling so that Kenyan traders can convert their currency to USD or ZAR. Depending on the type of account selected, the Minimum Deposit for 1st-time traders may vary. Your deposit may take 72 hours to activate.

You may have difficulty finding a reliable list of casinos’ minimum deposits at reputable sources, especially if you are searching for a complete list. This is because clients must reference their trading account numbers when making a deposit.

Blackstone Futures Deposit methods

There are many deposit options available locally. These include

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Within Kenya, there is a local way to deposit funds. ABSA deposits can be seen within minutes, and from other banks, within Kenya, it will take between 24 and 48 hours to reflect.

The time it takes for your trading account to be credited with an instant payment can be reduced. In addition, funding can be done with this method for ZAR or USD accounts.


A free, instant EFT method that allows you to transfer money from any South African bank. You must have a ZAR account to use this method. You can request an internal transfer of funds if you want the funds in your USD account. The OZOW is planning soon to provide its services to Kenyan traders.

Credit/debit card

Use your MasterCard or VISA to make a deposit. It is an instant deposit method for ZARs. You can request an internal transfer if you would like your funds in your USD account.

Bank wire transfer

Typically, these are used to fund USD accounts when located outside of Kenya. It usually takes two to three business days for a response to arrive.

ATM deposit

Clients within Kenya can deposit cash into an ABSA ATM location and receive it instantly.


The Neteller online eWallet allows customers to deposit instantly – straight to their account.


Skrill is a popular e-wallet client with instant credit credited to your account for deposits.

Blackstone Futures Withdrawal options

You can withdraw any amount you like. Take your profits whenever you like. You can request a withdrawal on the same business day. You have until 15:00 to request a withdrawal. Withdrawals are only accepted Monday through Friday.

Blackstone Futures covers inquiries about fees and bank charges. Before any withdrawals are processed, the broker requests a document showing the trader’s “proof of bank account.”

Blackstone Futures Trading Platforms

Trading platforms are the software programs used by traders to execute their trades. Traders are free to use the trading platforms that they prefer. Brokers that use third-party platforms offer various options; others who have their platforms will offer them instead.

MetaTrader MT4 is the world’s most popular and globally recognised trading platform, provided by Blackstone Futures. In addition, CloudTrade, the company’s proprietary trading platform, is also offered. The two platforms provide a range of useful features and functions to help traders gain a competitive edge and execute trades.

MetaTrader 4

In the industry, MetaTrader 4 is the preferred platform by most traders, being the most popular trading platform. Excellent features, high customisation ability, and user-friendliness make this platform the best choice.

A popular trading platform, MetaQuotes MT4 provides traders with fast and accurate executions. Furthermore, it supports a wide range of trading solutions and supports the automation of trading strategies through Expert Advisors (EA).

Metatrader has several features, including:

  • Tools and indicators of all kinds
  • Several timeframes and types of charts are available
  • An intuitive interface that is versatile and user-friendly
  • A powerful and advanced charting tool
  • Customised EAs and scripts allow trading to be automated
  • The trading platform supports multiple order types and allows a one-click trading
  • It has an MQL editor you can use to customise your trading tools.
  • Alerts can be received in the form of emails, SMS messages, and pop-up notices.
  • The MetaTrader community allows traders to share tools and signals.


Blackstone Futures’ in-house trading platform is CloudTrade. The platform was created to provide traders with a satisfying trading experience and to be easy to use. With CloudTrade, charting is powerful, comprehensive, and offers enough functionality and options.

It offers the ability to execute market orders instantly. It also provides multiple types of resting orders. Traders can access CloudTrade using web browsers or mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices.

Blackstone Futures Trading Conditions

Our firm believes all clients should be entitled to the same benefits no matter how large their accounts are. Therefore, each client’s account is protected from negative balances. It is an excellent feature for traders.


The fees that traders will incur when using a broker are another important aspect that must be considered. In both cases, these fees are applied to activities and actions related to trading.

The spreads for Blackstone Futures are competitive and tight, starting from 0.6 pips EUR/USD, and they are subject to the trading platform, the type of financial instrument, and the market conditions.

Commission-free margins are available starting at 0.5%. Blackstone Futures has not clarified whether it charges account maintenance fees, inactivity fees, or other fees. Before registering for a live account, traders should confirm this information with the broker.


There is maximum leverage of 1:400 offered by the broker. Furthermore, the broker provides transparent margin rates, which depend on the choice of the trading platform, the type of financial instrument, and the market conditions.

Diverse brokers provide traders with leverage as a means of enhancing their trading results. Trading with leverage gives traders greater exposure to the market despite their small deposit, as they can open larger positions despite their initial deposit.

Nevertheless, it is also important to remember that leverage can have negative effects when abused or misused. As leverage increases a trader’s chance of profiting, it also increases their risk of losing.

A trader without the benefit of negative balance protection may incur losses greater than their initial deposit, resulting in a negative balance on his trading account. As an example, leverage is described by ratios, such as 1:1, 1:50, 1:100, 1:500, and even 1;3000.

Margins and leverage are interconnected, with the margin being required by the trader at the beginning of the deal. That amount is used to secure any potential credit risks. Trades with leverage reduce margin requirements, allowing traders to open larger positions.

Blackstone Futures Spreads and Lot Sizes

In both USD and ZAR and GBP accounts, micro-lot sizes (0.01) are available, and spreads are tight on both account types and platforms. There are floating spreads available in MetaTrader 4, but fixed ones available in CloudTrade.

Average Standard Account Spreads on Majors

  • USD/JPY: 1.0
  • EUR/USD: 0.6
  • GBP/USD: 0.8
  • AUD/USD: 0.6


Blackstone’s deposit bonuses are 30% up to 15,000 ZAR, plus an additional 20% up to 100,000 ZAR. The bonus is available without restrictions, lock-in periods, or minimum lot sizes so that you can keep all of your funds and profits.

IB Affiliate program

The IB program there is highly competitive. No CPA and no revenue share deals are available, as it is not a market maker. However, whenever traders referred by an IB open a trade, the IB receives a 20% spread rebate.

This policy covers a trader’s lifetime. Referrers do not have access to a referral program at present. However, sub-IBs that sign up under you earn revenue from the company’s new Sub-IB program.

Blackstone Futures Kenya

Who are Blackstone Futures South Africa? What do they offer the Kenyan market? As a Kenyan trader, here is one highlight.

Offering great client support, they are committed to serving the needs of their clients first. They offer on-time withdrawals due to being local.

FX trading education

Their website offers a wide variety of educational material, including weekly webinars that discuss trading strategies. In addition, a masterclass is also available. This education is meant to guide traders in becoming proficient at trading currencies.

This feature is offered for free, but traders must have a real trading account to use it.

Their website features many educational articles covering platform insights as well as Forex trading in general.

As a result of their efforts, they are regarded as beginner-friendly.

For assistance with platform installation and setup, Blackstone Futures’ YouTube channel offers educational videos and tutorials.

On their Facebook page, you can find beginner and advanced courses as well as live webinars every week.

Blackstone Futures Customer support

It is a strong indicator of trust and transparency when brokers prioritise top-level support. In addition, beginners will be very satisfied with their support team’s knowledge.

Need help setting up your trading platform? They will happily assist you via TeamViewer on desktop or mobile.

Their support is available 24/5, covering all trading hours. In addition, the company offers multiple channels for customers to reach out to them for support.

They offer live chat on their website from 7 am to 2 pm on weekdays and 12 am to 2 pm on weekends

  • Support via email: available Monday – Friday from 7:00 to 22:00
  • The office is open from 7:00 to 22:00, Monday through Friday
  • The Trading Desk is open 24/5 to answer customer queries and to execute orders
  • Whatsapp: Available 07:00 – 22:00 Monday through Friday, twelve o’clock – two o’clock Saturday and Sunday
  • Available Monday – Friday from 7:00 am – 22:00, as well as Saturday – Sunday 12:00 – 22:00 on social media


Thinking of Trading with Blackstone Futures?


Does Blackstone Futures charge commission?

It’s not. You can trade commission-free with Blackstone Futures.

Is Blackstone Futures regulated in Kenya?

No, it is not regulated by the CMA of Kenya but by the FSCA.

Can experts and beginners trust Blackstone Futures?

Indeed. While Blackstone Futures does not offer a demo account, it caters to beginners and experts alike.

What is the validity of the demo account?

Demo accounts are not available at Blackstone Futures.

Does Blackstone Futures offer live trading accounts?

A Blackstone Futures trading account can be opened in ZAR or USD.

Is Kenyan shilling currency allowed for deposit or withdrawal?

No, Kenyan traders are allowed to deposit and withdraw funds in ZAR and USD

What is Blackstone Futures minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is 1000ZAR that is required to start trading with the broker.

What are the payment methods that Blackstone Futuresthe allows?

The payment methods include

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • OZOW
  • Wirecard
  • Local deposits and transfers

Is there a fee for withdrawals?

No. There are no withdrawal fees at Blackstone Futures. However, banks may charge transaction fees to traders.

In what time frame can a withdrawal be made?

Depending on the payment method, a withdrawal can take as little as an instance and take as long as five business days with a bank transfer.

Bottom line

South African broker Blackstone Futures operates in both South Africa and Kenya. Traders can visit their offices, allowing them to interact with those with whom they do business. Trust is a major factor influencing traders’ decisions.

Account currencies offered include USD, ZAR, and GBP, as well as MetaTrader 4 and CloudTrade. All clients receive the same benefits, like bonuses and leverage.

The broker does not offer M-Pesa and PayPal withdrawals which is a con for Kenyan traders. But OZOW is planning to start its operations in Kenya which will increase the credibility of this broker in Kenya.


up to 30%

With Blackstone futures, you'll pay low fees and trade under good conditions. So is this broker a good choice for Kenyan traders?

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